Clark Insurance Management: What it is, how it works

Keep an eye on all insurances: with Clark, the digital insurance manager

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The principle of insurance works by many people in the form of a regular contribution in a pot of money. If it then comes to a claim, the person concerned receives a compensation from this pot. There is a special insurance for the most different areas. Motor vehicle liability, for example, protects against damage to motor vehicles. The travel health insurance covers accidents during vacation. With the private pension insurance you ensure that you are financially well secured even after your professional life. A well thought-out all-round protection is important and reliably protects you for the emergencies of life. But with so many different insurance companies, often with different insurance companies, you can ever lose track. Not with Clark, the innovative and digital insurance manager.

What is Clark?

Clark is a so-called Insurtech startup. The term is composed of the terms “Insurance” and “Technology”. It is therefore an insurance service that works with digital technologies. Specifically, it looks like this: The company offers the possibility of a digital insurance management, with which you can manage your insurances via a website or the Clark app. In the app or on the website all your insurance policies are presented clearly. In addition to the overview of your existing contracts, Clark compares your contracts permanently and automatically with the market as a whole and checks whether your insurances fit your life situation. Clark works with more than 160 insurance companies. If the technology finds a cheaper rate or an insurance gap, you will be informed easily and relaxed. In addition, a personal contact person is available to you. Regardless of whether it is a car, liability, household or pension certificate: there is a quick answer to all questions via chat, e-mail or telephone. If, for example, damage occurs, the contact person takes care of the transaction. When it comes to complex products such as occupational disability insurance, the employee calls in an expert.

More than 100,000 customers already benefit from the digital insurance service. Most recently, Clark was named Fair Money Digital Insurance Expert by Focus Money.

How does insurance management work with Clark?


And this is how it works:

  • Register with Clark through the website
    Good to know: Clark’s digital insurance manager is a cooperation partner of 1822direkt. More information about Clark and a link to register can be found here .
  • On the Clark website or in the app, add your existing insurance. To do this, you simply have to select the type of insurance, for example, household contents, liability or motor vehicle insurance, and specify the current insurance company.
    Good to know: You must provide at least two insurances, with the statutory health insurance or pension insurance not counting.
  • In a further step you enter some data online. These include, for example:
    • First and Last Name
    • Date of birth
    • gender
    • E-mail address

Clark will then create an account for you. Digital insurance management contacts your existing insurers and obtains the policies to create a clear portfolio for you.

  • With your signature, you give Clark a broker mandate. A broker then acts as a link between you and your insurer. He advises, closes or terminates insurances or takes care of the handling of claims at your request. Very important: All this happens of course only at your express wish. You can revoke the broker mandate at any time.

With the broker mandate, you give Clark your permission to obtain the information you provide from each insurance company. Based on this information, the Clark insurance management can get in touch with the insurers and prepare an analysis of your current insurance situation. The service is free for Clark customers. The company is paid directly by the insurance companies to manage their insurance. You can check the individual commissions in the insurance cockpit on the website or in the Clark app.