Seven doubts about the feeding of children



A00661229_199 We are concerned about food, especially if it is about the little ones. But sometimes we do not know very well what to expect if we do not supervise everything they eat. In school, for example. The truth is that there are many popular beliefs about food that have no justification or argument and word of mouth is often a bad counselor in these cases, because as an informed and responsible consumer that I am, I have found that we almost always believe everything . Several examples

Is it dangerous to take panga?

Thanks to the panga analyzes there were contaminants, specifically a toxic herbicide and mercury. Although the amount was within acceptable limits, there were contaminants, so it is not convenient to abuse this type of fish, especially in the most sensitive population: children and pregnant women. The OCU recommends taking them only occasionally, at the most every two weeks. In addition, the panga is a fish that contains half the protein that most and very few Omega 3 fatty acids. Its taste is similar to grouper or hake, but the panga is cheaper and like children more because it has no thorns . Watch out.

The defenses do not eat breakfast

Apart from circulating on the Internet several bullets that ensure that if you take Actimel or Petit Suisse little less than you die, it is appropriate to clarify several things. Obviously, a hoax is a hoax, it’s a false information. But the truth is that taking an Actimel is simply fermented milk plus an organism called lactobacillus casei inmunitas, exclusive to Danone. So much exclusivity is more marketing than anything else, because Actimel is comparable to any yogurt on the market, but it has a much higher price. Three products of these would be a simple glass of milk.

Is cow’s milk bad?

Speaking of cow’s milk consumption is very controversial lately, because there is an active group of people opposed to the intake of milk, who usually rely on the fact that humans do not have to be mammals all their lives. It is very respectable, and the same opinion some organizations opposed to dairy. Of course, the argument that milk has many germs and produces diseases is not valid. The safety of the milk consumed in Spain is more than guaranteed and there is no scientific basis that relations milk consumption with diseases. Another thing is that milk feels better or worse for everyone. For children, milk and its derivatives are, of course, recommended and necessary.

My son only has a glass of milk

It also happens a lot. But the truth is that breakfast should be the most important meal of the day, when only 5% of Spanish children take a full breakfast based on dairy, cereals and fruits, which would be the most correct. In any case, if the child is reluctant to get up, you can give him a snack to take it at midmorning. But not a bun.

Is chocolate bad?

For children chocolate is not the best and should not be taken daily. And not only chocolate, it is not advisable to abuse the pastries and sweets. They should be taken only occasionally because at these ages eating habits are forming and we should not accustom the little ones to those products.

There is no way to give them fruit

That children do not want to take fruit is a frequent problem. But you must take it every day. If they do not want it for dessert, it does not matter. You can habituarles to take it at other times, as in the snack. Normally children prefer bananas and tangerines, because they are easy to peel. Try that also for you to eat fruit is a normal act and not something exceptional. With this you will have already won a lot.

And the vegetables?

With vegetables it happens as with fruits, which does not usually attract children. Purees can be your great allies to take vegetables, and you can also put it in the rice, as in the paella; in tortilla or ensaladilla. Dispense with potatoes as a garnish and bet in place for vegetables can also be a good alternative.


BGH on Bauspar contracts: Building society savers are still waiting for a landmark judgment

written by Anja Schlicht Many Bausparer had eagerly looked forward to Karlsruhe on Tuesday.

Then the Federal Supreme Court (BGH) wanted to decide whether building societies may terminate contracts, if the Bauspar sum is achieved taking into account bonus interest. But a decision is missing. The contending parties have reached an immediate agreement out of court.

Once again, the Federal Court of Justice should deal with the question of when building and loan associations may cancel building savings contracts (Az .: XI ZR 537/16 and XI ZR 540/16). In February, the Karlsruhe judges had already ruled that the contracts can be terminated by the providers, if home savings have saved the entire Bauspar sum and the contract has been ripened for ten years . However, the BGH referred to possible exceptions that may be exempted from this case law.

The judges should have decided on such a special case next Tuesday. But the plaintiff and the BHW have agreed out of court, reports the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ). The building society thus prevents a possible fundamental judgment on which many other home savings could have called.

May the building society cancel a home savings contract with bonus interest?

May the building society cancel a home savings contract with bonus interest?

The now missing BGH verdict would have turned to the question of whether a building society may terminate a contract, if bonus interest or a loyalty bonus lead to the total Bauspar sum is reached . If the Bauspar contract is fully bespart, savers obviously have no interest in taking a cheap loan. Termination is therefore possible from the point of view of the BGH case law from February.

But in this particular case, the customer was rewarded by BHW for not taking advantage of the loan and using the home savings contract as a pure investment. How the Federal Court would have assessed the termination behavior of the building society would have been interesting. In the lower courts, the Higher Regional Court Celle has already judged in favor of the Bauspar. Since the Bauspar contracts are not fully spared regardless of the interest ,

they may not terminate the fund. 12,000 euros per child: Baukindergeld comes retroactively from January 2018 # Stiftung Warentest: follow-up financing from 0.93 percent interest # Finance your home: Save up to 60,000 euros with interest rate comparisons 06/22/2018 Question of the week: Which insurances play a role in the World Cup? 06/21/2018 Cash benefits in comparison: Which health insurance pays osteopathy? 06/20/2018 Technical progress provides many approaches to better mobility 06/19/2018 “Turnaround is not just e-mobility” 06/19/2018 Care and Health: Where will consumers pay more or less in 2019?


Diputación de Valladolid presents its "more social" budget with an increase of 7.16% of funds in social policies

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The Diputación de Valladolid presented its “more social” budget project on Monday with an increase of 7.16 percent of the funds allocated to social policies, which represents 46.81 percent of the total, that is, 49, 9 of the 106.7 million that make up the provincial accounts, which grow by 1.03 percent.

This has been stressed by the president of the provincial institution, Jesus Julio Carnero, who has indicated the forecast to reduce the debt to place it at December 31, 2018 at 19.95 million euros, with a debt ratio of 21.17 per percent, compared to 26.14 last year, the lowest of the last 30 years, despite the fact that a credit operation worth 5.8 million is contemplated to finance investments.

In terms of employment, 8.3 million will be allocated. Among the new features are the implementation of the Youth Employment Plan 2017-2018, an initiative to be allocated, together and with European funding, a total of 1.8 million euros.

Along with this, the direct support measures stand out, among which are the aid to young entrepreneurs in the financing of the RETA quotas for 6 months, once the bonus period granted by the Government of Spain has been exhausted (50,000 euros ); the implementation of the Reinvéntate Program, to support those young people who have seen a project truncated and to encourage them to start again, by rewarding them with the RETA fees for 6 months (20,000 euros), or supporting young people in the assumption of business on the move through the Transfer Program in collaboration with the CVE (60,000 euros).

There will also be support for technological initiatives to support other entrepreneurs (60,000 euros) and direct aids to the hiring of young people under 30 years of age included in the youth guarantee, with a supplementary aid of 500 euros in aid for employment, for each young person hired. full time and a minimum period of twelve months, supplementary help also received by new young entrepreneurs (20,000 euros).

Also in this area, the Young Province of Valladolid Project will be developed, financed with European funds (314,510 euros) that seeks to reinforce the employability and professional competence of young people not employed and not integrated into the education and training systems, as well as the launching of three new Mixed Training and Employment Programs (227,270 euros) to train 32 unemployed people in the fields of social care, forest resources and green areas.

All this while maintaining the lines of collaboration in the Rural Women’s Employment Plan, as well as lines of support for people with different abilities (50,000 euros) and the long-term unemployed over 50 years (40,000 euros).

Likewise, the commitment for the implementation of the Minimum Rural Trade (30,000 euros) is maintained, with the aim of enabling the opening of at least three new establishments that improve the service to the residents of our towns and collaborate in the dissemination of Foodstuffs. Valladolid.



The Provincial Council will allocate 5.4 million euros for the Provincial Tourism Strategy and the development of the Tourism Marketing Plan. Among the new features is the commitment to promotion, improvement of equipment and support for entities that collaborate in the development of the different Ways to Santiago in the province of Valladolid (56,000 euros), the collaboration with the Toro Wine Route Association to advance its certification (10,000 euros) which adds to the 60,000 euros we allocate to the Rueda and Cigales Wine Routes (30,000 euros each), and the strengthening of the commitment to sports tourism, collaborating in the Conference of Sports Tourism of the UNWTO to be held in Valladolid in February 2018 or implementing the project ‘En bici por los olivos’ , a circuit of cycle routes through the different olive groves of the province in which sports tourism promotion and agri-food promotion come together.

Precisely in this area, the brand ‘Alimentos de Valladolid. At everyone’s pleasure ‘has a significant budget increase to reach 235,000 euros in order to launch new promotion actions at sectorial fairs and gastronomic events, actions to position the brand at national level and training activities and advice for the companies adhered to the brand.

It will also create a new line of aid to promote the creation of communities of users of groundwater (30,000 euros), the increase in aid for soil analysis (30,000 euros) or support for the protection of leek cultivation in the province (4,500 euros).

To fight against situations of social exclusion, 958,789 euros will be allocated, with an increase of 6.69 percent compared to this year. As a novelty, a new line of aid for the adoption of energy efficiency measures in vulnerable households (200,000 euros) is launched, while others are maintained such as social emergency aid (210,000 euros), child feeding (35,000 euros) ), for the purchase of didactic material (22,500 euros), for university students (55,000 euros) and support for pregnant women (30,000 euros) and single-parent families (20,000 euros).

The agreement with the Food Bank (70,000 euros) is also increased and the agreements with Cáritas (60,000 euros) and the Red Cross (60,000 euros) are maintained. In addition, the budget for the Integrated Services Network for Persons with Disabilities is improved, reaching 1,611,616 euros (+ 0.51%). The construction of the new protected dwelling in Nava del Rey (160,000 euros) stands out, as well as continuing with the renewal of the transport fleet that serves the Network (42.5000 euros)

In the accounts of 2018, the Provincial Council reinforces the service of home help, which reaches the figure of 6,550,000 euros, with a growth of 28.43 percent. Likewise, the cost of the Telecare service is adjusted (140,000 euros) and the technical aids for the functional adaptation of the home (150,000 euros) are maintained. Along with this, a physiotherapy service will be launched in collaboration with Aspaym, for the prevention of dependence (20,000 euros).


Image result for personal promotion

The policies of support for the emancipation of young people will be endowed with 230,000 euros, while in culture it will affect training in new technologies with the launch of a mobile classroom (30,000 euros).

In sports the contributions to the School Games (321.500 euros) and Active Summer (35.000 euros) are maintained and the amount allocated to the Provincial Championships (107.980) is slightly increased. On the other hand, the Development Cooperation Program will have 506,454 euros.

For the support to town councils 35,444,576 million euros will be allocated, representing an increase of 1.33 percent, with an increase in the Municipal Employment Plan, which reaches 1,669,174 euros.

These grants are complemented by the Municipal Credit Fund (1.28 million euros) and the advances of REVAL (27.24 million euros). Also, 10,166,000 euros will be allocated to the call for Provincial Plans, which will be they reconfigure on a biennial basis.

Finally, Carnero explained that the accounts contemplate a game of 200,000 euros for the Meseta Sport project, whose bulk is expected to be financed from the remainder of the 2017 Budget, on which the County Council expects to reach a 90 percent execution at the end of the exercise.

Micro loans with bad credit | Loans Quebec

Image result for loansMicro loans can be very useful when you are in a more difficult financial situation and need money quickly. For someone with a bad credit score, it is very difficult to find a lender. Fortunately, micro-loans are a great option for people who have poor credit ratings but need cash quickly.

The majority of these loans do not require verification of credit history. Therefore, you will be eligible for this credit even if you have a bad credit score. However, you will not be able to borrow between $ 100 and $ 1500, depending on the circumstances. If you qualify, you will receive your money within one hour.

Also, these lenders will ask you to have a bank account and this account accepts wire transfers. As a result, the creditor can deposit directly into your bank account. Also, this allows the creditor to withdraw the money you owe him once the time comes.

In addition, these creditors will ask you to have at least a part-time job. This serves as a guarantee and tells them that their loan will be repaid.

When applying for a micro loan, if the creditor has doubts, he may ask you for additional information such as bank statements and pay stubs. This could, however, lengthen the approval process by a few days.

However, this type of creditors will charge you a fee for the loan they offer you. That’s how they make money. Depending on the creditor with whom you do business, these fees vary between $ 10 and $ 35 per $ 100 borrowed. Be sure to check the amounts of these fees before applying for a micro loan. If, for example, the fees are too high, we suggest you see other creditors.

Micro loans are a solution when you are in urgent need of money and your credit score is poor. The fees you will pay to a micro-loan creditor are also higher than the bank charges. However, if your credit score does not allow you to have a bank loan, this is an advantageous option because the banks would not offer a loan to someone with a bad credit score. ( click here to learn more about the benefits of a good credit score or click here if you have too many micro loans).

What are the occupational disability insurance costs based on?

Individual factors for disability insurance costs

Individual factors for disability insurance costs

  • The job also has an impact on the job
    Disability insurance costs Older

Age significantly affects the level of premiums for occupational disability insurance. The older the customer is when the contract is concluded, the higher the monthly disability insurance costs are. Reason is that with the age usually also the health condition worsens. Accordingly, there is a greater risk that a disease will result in disability and that the insurer will have to pay the agreed pension.

  • health status

What can cost a disability insurance is also influenced by any pre-existing conditions . These are queried by insurers on the basis of so-called occupational disability insurance health questions before the conclusion of the insurance. Since health factors are assessed differently depending on the insurance company, the contribution payments for comparable benefits may also vary. In principle, pre-existing conditions also lead to higher costs . Insurers can levy so-called risk premiums , as the probability of a later occupational disability is higher in case of previous illnesses. People who suffer from hypertension, for example, are more likely to suffer a stroke at some point and become incapacitated for work.

Private insurers protect themselves with higher contributions against the relatively high risk of having to provide services within the insurance period. Pre-existing illnesses are raised on the basis of health issues when applying for occupational disability insurance. However, this survey can not only lead to high costs, but also to a complete rejection.

  • gender

According to a ruling by the European Court of Justice, the gender in new BU contracts can no longer be used as a basis for calculating the disability insurance costs. This decision is based on a European Union directive aimed at ensuring “equal treatment of women and men in the access to and supply of goods and services”. Gender is thus no longer a factor affecting the level of contributions to occupational disability insurance. Previously, women usually had to expect higher costs, since 21 December 2012, only so-called unisex rates are offered.

  • job

Depending on their likelihood of disability, different occupations are assigned to one of four or five different risk groups depending on the insurer, which have an impact on occupational disability insurance costs. The classification of the individual occupations into their respective risk group also varies from provider to provider. Risk group 1 means, for example, a low probability of later occupational disability. These include professions with very little physical stress, such as an architect, programmer or tax consultant. The cost of disability insurance is generally relatively low for this group. People in risk group 2 still have a normal risk of having to take out occupational disability insurance in the future. This applies, for example, to office clerks, alternative practitioners or social educators.

An increased risk, for example, educators, hairdressers or salesmen. They can be assigned to risk group 3 . Roofers and scaffolders have a particularly high risk of becoming incapacitated during their lifetime, as they are exposed to hazards such as falls or other accidents. Therefore, they are assigned to the highest risk group 4 or 5 . These also include electricians, bakers and caregivers. The higher the risk of occupational disability, the higher the cost of disability insurance is usually higher.

  • Hobbies

Also certain hobbies can be reflected on the occupational disability insurance costs. People doing extreme sports such as diving, boxing or mountain biking may have to pay risk premiums or even be refused. Motorcyclists are also considered a risk group and therefore have to reckon with higher costs for their insurance.

When concluding an occupational disability insurance, the customer is asked about such risky hobbies. If he does not answer truthfully, he violates his obligation to report. The insurance company can then refuse to pay in case of disability. However, this only applies to risky activities that were already carried out at the time the occupational disability insurance was taken out . If the hobby is taken in retrospect, the insured person is not obliged to report it to the company.

insurance conditions

insurance conditions

  • Amount of disability pension

The amount of the monthly occupational disability pension can be agreed with the insurer up to a certain amount depending on personal wishes and needs. It should be based on the expected pension gap between loss of earnings and the statutory reduced earning capacity claim that may be claimed. According to a rule of thumb, often 50 to 60 percent of the last net income is determined as a disability pension. Deciding on how much the monthly BU pension should be will also affect the monthly disability insurance costs: the higher the later benefits, the higher the current premiums .

  • insurance period

The duration of insurance or the term of the contract refers to the period within which the disability must occur so that the insured person is entitled to the benefits of the insurer. If the insurance period is up to the retirement age, the insured person is insured until the last day of his employment. However, the risk of occupational disability also increases with age. An insurance period up to the age of 67 therefore means higher costs for the policyholder than an insurance period up to 55 years of age. Basically, the longer the insurance cover, the higher the monthly disability insurance costs .

  • benefit period

The duration of benefits indicates the age at which the disability pension is paid in the event of an insured event. In the optimal case, the retirement age can be chosen for the end of the benefit period in order to ensure a seamless transition from the BU pension to the statutory pension. However, as with the duration of insurance, a long period of benefit affects the level of the monthly cost of occupational disability insurance .

  • exclusions

Exclusion of benefits is agreed on the basis of risk factors such as dangerous hobbies or previous illnesses. For example, if an insured person has undergone psychotherapeutic treatment in the ten years prior to the contract, the insurance company can either completely reject it or offer a disclaimer. Thus, the customer is not entitled to occupational disability insurance benefits if he becomes disabled due to mental illness. This exclusion can have a diminishing effect on the monthly cost of disability insurance.

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Register the baby in the Civil Registry and other procedures

When a child is born you have to do a series of administrative procedures, we explain them step by step

When a child is born, the parents or legal guardians have to perform a series of procedures to turn the baby into a citizen with all their rights .

To save time, in the last weeks of pregnancy it is advisable to find out where to go to do each procedure and prepare the documentation. Some forms can be downloaded on the Internet.

There are companies that deal with these procedures for a price that ranges between 30 and 70 euros. If you can opt for this route (sometimes it is necessary that parents come in person) will have to make an authorization and sign the necessary forms.

1. Register the baby in the Registry

The registration in the Civil Registry is the procedure that certifies the birth of the baby (place, date and time), sex and name given. It is mandatory and must be performed between 24 hours and 8 days after delivery. In exceptional cases it can take up to 30 days.

Registration can be done in the Civil Registry of the place of birth or in the address of the parents, if it is not the same.

1.1. Registration from the hospital

Currently it is possible to register the baby in the Civil Registry from most public hospitals and many private hospitals. This measure began to be implemented in June 2015. You can check the degree of implementation of the system on the Ministry of Justice website.

The process is very simple:

When the baby is born, the health personnel identify him, certify his maternal filiation and take his fingerprints and those of the mother.

  • The parents have a period of 72 hours to process the registration from the hospital. If they do not do it within this period, they should go to the Civil Registry.
  • To do this, they must hand over to the personnel in charge of handling the procedure the medical certificate of birth of the baby (which they provide in the hospital itself) and the DNI, NIE or passports with a photograph of both parents.
  • If the parents have a Family Book or marriage certificate, it is sufficient for the parent to sign the application. If they do not have it, they will have to sign both the Declaration of Marriage in the official form, if the filiation is marital, or the Declaration of paternity of the official form, if they are not married.
  • The registration form should include the time of birth, the name chosen for the newborn, the order of their surnames (now you can choose to put before the mother) and parental filiation.
  • From the health center, the necessary documents are sent to the Civil Registry to make the registration.
  • Then, the Civil Registry will send parents a Birth Certificate by ordinary or electronic mail (recommended, it takes less). It is important to save (and photocopy) this document, as they will ask for different procedures.

When it is not possible to register from the hospital, and you must physically go to the Civil Registry:

  • When one of the parents is a minor or has the capacity modified judicially.
  • In the births of non-marital children with absence, death or disability of the father, mother or both.
  • When the two parents are foreigners of different nationalities.
  • When the mother has renounced the son

The Family Book is in danger of extinction and is being replaced by a sheet or extract with the personal data of the individual’s life.

1.2. Registration directly in the Civil Registry

As in the registration from the hospital, the documents that must be submitted vary according to whether the child is a married or a non-married child.

If the parents are married

Those who have certain knowledge of the birth must attend, being obliged to issue the declaration the father, the mother, the grandparents, the uncles, cousins ​​or brothers-in-law of the born. They must carry the medical certificate of birth, ID of the parents and family book or marriage certificate.

If the parents are not married

  • They have to go in person to the Civil Registry with their DNI and the medical certificate of birth of the baby.
  • If the mother has divorced her father, she will have to give the marriage certificate and the final judgment of separation or divorce. If it is a de facto separation, you will have to go to the registry with two witnesses.

Once you have enrolled the baby you will be given a Literal Birth Certificate .

If a new Birth Certificate is needed later, it can be ordered online in the Computerized Civil Registries.

  • If you have a digital certificate installed on your computer, they will send you the literal copy at the moment.
  • If you do not have a digital certificate, they will send you the literal copy by ordinary mail. You can also pick it up at the corresponding Civil Registry window when you are summoned.

More information on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

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2. Registration in Social Security and assignment of pediatrician

2. Registration in Social Security and assignment of pediatrician

It is advisable to register the newborn as soon as possible as a beneficiary of the mother’s or father’s book, so that he / she has the right to public health care.

The procedure can be done online through the web Your Social Security or in person at a Care and Information Center of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). More information on the phone: 901 16 65 65.

  • It is necessary to carry the DNI of the father or mother who will include the baby in his booklet, the literal certificate of registration of the baby and the Family Book if you have one.
  • Once you have been discharged, you must go to the corresponding health center with the registration document in Social Security to request the baby’s Health Card and assign a pediatrician.

3. Request maternal and paternal leave


The mother and father are entitled to a paid work permit for the birth, adoption, guardianship or fostering of a child.

Maternity leave

The mother is entitled to 16 weeks of uninterrupted sick leave, which is extended by two weeks for the child’s disability and two more for each child in the case of childbirth, adoption or multiple foster care. Of these 16 weeks you can give the last 10 to the father or share them with him.

If the baby has to be hospitalized after childbirth, maternal leave can be extended exceptionally 13 weeks more.

You can download the form that must be submitted to request the withdrawal on the Social Security website:

  • The first thing to do is go to the family doctor with the hospital discharge report to obtain the discharge (this process can be done by another person carrying the health card of the mother).
  • Then you have to take the maternity leave to the company where the mother works.
  • The benefit can be requested by mail or can be processed at the offices of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). It is necessary to attach the completed form, the sick leave part of the family doctor and the Family Book or the Birth Certification of the child, in case these data were not automated in the Civil Registry.
  • If the mother gives part of the rest to the father, she must complete a separate request.
  • If the mother carries out a professional activity that is not subject to registration in the Social Security system, but belongs to a mutual society or professional association, she must present a certificate stating that, due to labor, she has not received any benefit or compensation.

In case of adoption

It is necessary to provide the judicial resolution that constitutes the adoption or guardianship, or the administrative or judicial resolution granting the foster care, provided that this is not less than one year.

  • If you are dealing with children under 6 years of age with a disability, you must present a certificate stating that the adopted or foster child has a disability equal to or greater than 33%.
  • If the parents have to travel to the place of birth of the child, they will have to provide the documentation issued by the competent body of the Autonomous Community that proves that the adoption or foster care procedures have been initiated.

Paternal low
The father is entitled to 4 weeks of paid leave for the birth of a child.

You can download the form that must be submitted to request the withdrawal on the Social Security website.

Like the mother, she must certify the birth of the child in the company and go to an INSS office with the Family Book or the certification of the child’s registration, in case this information is not recorded in the Civil Registry.

In case of adoption, foster care or guardianship the conditions are the same as in maternity leave.

Internet has streamlined many procedures. Now the baby can be included in the Social Security through a web, and in many cases it is possible to register it in the Civil Registry from the hospital itself.

4. Registering the baby

Habitually, the registration of the newborn is done ex officio in the municipalities with the information sent by the Civil Registry. If the parents do not live together, preference is given to the mother’s address.

If urgent, parents can register the baby directly at their town hall, or District Board if it is a large city, with their DNI and the literal birth certificate.

5. Ask for the title of Large Family

5. Ask for the title of Large Family

If a third child is born or if of two children one of them has a handicap, the family becomes numerous.

The title of Numerous Family is managed in the social services of the autonomous communities (some allow to do it by Internet).

You must present a photocopy and DNI of the parents and children over 14 years of age, a photocopy and original of the Family Book or of the certificates of marriage and birth of the children and a flyer or certificate of registration in force.

One year making a wooden spoon a day

They have to be different from each other, but still fulfill the function of a classic spoon . The Norwegian Stian Korntved Ruud (1989) – who confesses an “innate fascination” for the way in which objects are created – submits since March of this year to a daily exercise that forces his mind to work on a design while – with manual tools as the only help – his hands are busy producing the object.

The designer has been proposed Spoon Daily (daily spoon) make a wooden spoon for 365 days. There are classics such as those that remove pots, measure quantities or stick in coffee, others appear unorthodox as the cutlery of a restaurant too modern or those that could sell in a shop of kitchen items of dubious utility. He adds them to his personal Instagram account , photographed on a white background. The succession of images could give the impression that the spoon is always the same, that Ruud is dedicated to transform it and what we actually see is a kind of evolution in vignettes.


The carving of traditional way with different types of wood, maintaining a daily relationship with the behavior and the particularities of each. ” It’s about actively cooperating with the material (…). In modern industrial production, machines rewrite the structures and natural growth of wood. Using hand tools, my hand collaborates with the structure during the training process. “

Beauty and the beast in the same naked body

Beauty and the beast in the same naked body

“The human body is weird and beautiful,” says photographer Gracie Hagen, who has embarked on the crusade to demonstrate that any person condenses a human form and another atrocious in the same set of skin , flesh, bones, hair, amino acids and all the other not too seductive substances that we carry on our backs.

Illusions of the Body (body Ilusiones) contrasts in one photo diptych a flattering and unflattering another the same person without clothes. Both images are identical in the formal: they are taken in the same study session, from the same angle, with the same plane and identical values ​​of color, lighting, focus, focal aperture, and divergent in the pose: the portraitist asked the Volunteers who participated that looked their best and their worst aspect.

They are the beauty and the beast in a single naked body, not disguised by conventions, costumes and accessories or modesty, which the models left behind like shoes, wallet and pants before undergoing the experiment of looking for two more exaggerated forms of themselves .

The series wants to show how wrong we are and how much damage we do when we compare our body image with public figures who sell beauty with the same dishonesty with which a blind steroid athlete hangs a medal. Carrying, for example, the trace of a dozen aesthetic surgeries or a six digit figure in fashion, makeup and fashion design.

“Most of us do not realize that the media usually show the flattering photos and we compare ourselves with those images. We almost never see them confronted with unfavorable photos, “explains Hagen, who decided to launch a plan to execute a” contrast “between the body images of both signs.